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By Doree Lewak. Then, a dark-haired hunk in a crisp white shirt approached me. We spent the night sailing around the Persian Gulf, holding hands and munching on salmon tartare, lobster and caviar.

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A stewardess for a British airline claims first-class passengers pay the flight attendants for sex. An air hostess from a British airline has lifted the lid on the mile-high bonks, romps with pilots and celebrity affairs that go on among the glamorous crew. She said one stewardess got caught trying to drum up business as a prostitute on a flight.

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Well, except in this case, apparently. A stewardess was caught with a passenger inside the lavatory of an aircraft owned by a Middle East carrier during flight. Sex with multiple passengers per flight on almost every flight, and she got away with it for almost two years?

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All rights reserved. If you fly, you've seen them in action but unless you work in an airline, you probably have no idea of the rigours flight attendants endure while on the clock. When it comes to jobs, few titles carry such a mix of sex appeal, glamour and mystery like flight attendants. Despite the number of times they've helped you with your luggage, shown you how to buckle a seat belt or served you a meal, there's still a lot travellers don't know about attendants.

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Count your change. The sad part? It often works.

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A few months ago, a newspaper ran an online poll asking participants if they felt being a flight attendant was a glamorous or desirable job. That number may have plummeted to single digits since then. On July 31, Qantas Flight 28 from Santiago to Sydney was struck with a serious outbreak of gastroaffecting 26 passengers on a hour flight.

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The mile-high club is slang for the people who have had sexual intercourse on board an aircraft in flight. An alleged explanation for wanting to perform the act is the supposed vibration of the plane. Some say they have fantasies about pilots or flight attendantsor a fetish about planes themselves.

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Virgin Atlantic announced this week that female cabin crew members can skip the makeup. If they want to keep using lipstick and foundation, they must stick to an approved palette of shades. Uniforms are standard for cabin crew on most airlines, but U.

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Briefly woken up by a roommate leaving the apartment for work. We met working a trip to Madrid and bonded instantly since we were both getting divorced. We were together for six years; I undid it in one conversation that took a half-hour.

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The role of a flight attendant derives from that of similar positions on passenger ships or passenger trainsbut it has more direct involvement with passengers because of the confined quarters on aircraft. Additionally, the job of a flight attendant revolves around safety to a much greater extent than those of similar staff on other forms of transportation. Flight attendants on board a flight collectively form a cabin crewas distinguished from pilots and engineers in the cockpit.